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Gimme Your Stuff!

Gimme Your Stuff

3/7 - Thanks :) I will get back to you guys soon!

I ♥ sending/receiving mails and this website provides me with a perfect chance :)

What I can swap..
♥ accessories
♥ snacks/candies (eg. Pocky, Hi-chews)
♥ japan kawaii and other stationery
♥ postcards
♥ newspaper clippings
♥ burnt movies/music
♥ 1 inch badges
♥ OPI nail polish
♥ craft supplies (eg. beads)
♥ ..or anything else that you like and I'll try to get?

What I like to receive..
♥ accessories (I'm a sucker for earrings, necklace, bag/mobile charms)
♥ japan kawaii and other stationery
♥ purse/bag
♥ something unique from your country
♥ vintage items
♥ handmade items
♥ badges
♥ zines
♥ cow items
♥ tea
♥ ..basically anything striped/cute ^o^

I'm quite picky so I think it's better if I state what sort of items which I don't wish to receive. Similarly, let me know what is your dislikes if we are swapping!

So I don't like to receive..
* fabric
* newspaper/magazine clippings
* snacks/candies especially those that can melt/spill!
* craft supplies (eg. beads, findings)
* hair accesssories
* kiddy stuffs


Please comment with your email address, details and preferably feedback link (eg. from ebay, laundro etc) if you like to swap with me.

p.s. I'm looking for penpals too XD And I love to write to someone who knows Korean (beginner)?
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