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♥ All prices are in USD and exclusive of s/h
♥ International transactions are welcomed
♥ I accept non-cc paypal (preferred) or concealed cash [USD, SGD, TWD, HKD] thru' snailmail (AYOR)
♥ Payment expected in 2 weeks
♥ For those who are paying later (thru' paypal or snailmail), please confirm the transaction with me by giving me your address. Otherwise, I'm not sure whether to hold the item for you :)
♥ Maximum holding days for paypal buyers is 5 days and 14 days for snailmail payment
♥ Add $2.20 for registered mail
♥ I trade (in similar size with equal no. of sheets) too
♥ I'm not responsible for any lost packages. I take photos of the package as proof of sending as normal airmail doesn't issue receipt unless it is registered mail. Rest assured that I will seal every envelopes securely.
♥ Any enquires, feel free to comment here or email me
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last updated: 14th March 2008

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Mailing List

I decided to open a mailing list for those interested to get full memo pads (usually mini), sticker sacks and lettersets.

&! First to know about new updates in email and thus, able to get them before everyone else
&! Occasional discounts might be given

Please leave down your email address in the comments if you are interested. Comments will be screened.

Take note that I won't have many updates though (:

Mailing List (Pre-order)

I decided to open a mailing list for Pre-order of accessories.

Get updates when there are new pre-orders and I will test response for accessories through email too.

Please leave down your actual email address in the comments if you are interested. Comments will be screened.

(no subject)

How's everyone?

Been busy as I have been working 6 (going to 7) months in my first job. On the search for new job though :3

Hmm, I have somehow get over my craziness for accessories but I feel like getting a little treat for my coming birthday. Anyone keen? Need to look out for nice earrings though!

(no subject)

Not much good news or rather NO news at all from the job front :(

The only good news : Heart necklaces <3

My current collection.. but it is not completed because I'm too broke to get the silver clear & pink one.

Days of slacking at home = couch potato!

I have been watching

- Dexter S2 (finished S1): Great show with original concept! (well, minus the swearing and some nudity and I really don't like his sister :X)
- Chuck S1: A bit of The 40 Year Old Virgin and cliché but quite funny.
- Dirty Sexy Money S1: I don't know why but this show is quite addicting!
- Private Practice S2: I know it just started but I can't wait to watch it even though I have to wait weekly per episode.
- Psych S1: Hmm, I don't really like the first episode but I will see how it goes later on.

Planning to watch
- Dead Like Me
- Fringe
- Eureka

and of course, Gossip Girl S2!

Off topic, I can't decide if this is cute or creepy.